Of Books and Bugs and Believing

When my beautiful friend Rhonda Lee posted on Facebook that she was going to participate in a collaborative book and supplied a sign-up link, my heart knew I had to do it.  Within 2 minutes, with the adrenaline rush still on the upswing in my body, and my brain yelling DANGER WILL ROBINSON! OUTSIDE SAFE […]

I’m A Published Author!

365 Life  Shifts is now on sale This beautiful book contains a story a day for the entire year by many contributors, all consisting of events and encounters that changed the author’s life in some way. I contributed a story about a bug that shifted my understanding of disease. Click below for purchasing information and […]

Spiritual Ecology in Today’s World

What is Spiritual Ecology?  Spiritual Ecology is the study of the Natural world viewed from a spiritual context; seeing the whole of Nature as part of a sacred web, possessing intelligence and an inherent knowledge of what is required to create, maintain or restore perfect balance. This is basically the way aboriginal and indigenous people […]