Connecting to the Insect World – a Free Guided Meditation

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I’m so thrilled that you purchased 365 Soulful Messages!

It is my wish that the book brings you joy, inspiration and healing.

I am especially grateful that you have ventured to this page to listen to my free insect meditation.

In today’s word, we are taught from the time we are small that insects are pests and unworthy of respect – unless they are pretty (butterflies) or of direct benefit to us (honeybees).  The truth is that every being on this planet plays a vital role in our collective existence, and insects, along with being indispensable in so many ways, are messengers who can help us heal ourselves and the planet if we learn how to  listen. They, like everything else on this planet, are both physical and spiritual beings.

The time has come to heal our relationship with not only  the insects, but with all of Nature.

The Insects have gifted me with this meditation, and it is my great honor to share that gift with you. Its purpose is to assist you in learning to connect with the insect kingdom; to feel into the many energies that are interspersed with each other, or perhaps make a connection with a specific being.  Sit back, relax and take your first foray into the magical, unique realm of insects.  May this be another step on your journey of healing.

You can listen by clicking on the picture below.  To download, click below then simply right click on the resulting audio file

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