When Your To-Do List Chooses You

I’m one of those people who can focus one a task to the point of exclusion of everything around me. I don’t hear the phone, people, other conversations or anything.  I can work on one task for hours and hours, even overnight when I’m on a roll and want to get it done. That’s what […]

Dropping The Struggle Feels SO Good!

Have you ever had one of those days where you have something you really want to get done, you’re really focused on it, and it’s just not happening?  Or you’re learning something new and you want to build something but it’s not working; you know you’re missing something, because you’re just not getting it? Welcome […]

Enjoying Life – Don’t We All?

I’m re-writing this post for the third time.  What I want to convey is so fundamental, and what keeps coming out is so insipid.  I want to talk about life. About joy. About what I’m learning about life and how everyone experiences it differently. I love life.  Even when I’m in an unpleasant situation, life […]

Welcoming the Goodness in Life

In the news we are once again being bombarded with who shot whom, craziness in government, people going nuts, more and more #Me Too revelations, a lot of people spewing hate, and a lot of people being hurt. But how directly does that affect you? Is it occurring in the state in which you live? […]

Eclipsing the Past

I’ve been feeling like a snake for the  past couple months – shedding old beliefs, thought patterns and habits in the way a snake sheds its skin.  As a young child, I experienced a situation between my parents that caused me to believe there are very few choices in life. This was reinforced by having […]

Bug Wisdom Teleconference

I love bugs.  I have always loved bugs. Except spiders.  At one point I was so scared of them I couldn’t even sleep at night. But I have gotten better.  Much better.  That’s what happens when you talk to someone and begin to understand them. And that’s what I do.  The “someone’s” I talk to […]

Into the Fairy Forest

It was a glorious day – pleasant, with occasional clouds passing through that kept the sun from being too warm.  I was out in the front yard carefully digging up and bagging some plants that were happily growing, expanding their range into areas of the garden where I would rather not have them, or infringing […]

Spiraling Back to My Center

It was Friday of a very long week that had been crazy and frustrating.  I couldn’t think straight anymore so I went for a walk outside.  I felt blessed that our office has a path that goes around the outside of the parking lot with trees, grass and a baseball field.  A bit of green […]

Deep Connection with Ourselves, Each Other and Nature

Childlike happiness, vitality, deep listening and being truly heard, empathy, unconditional helpfulness, gratitude for life, compassion and forgiveness, inner peace and tranquility — we feel and embody these attributes when we are at our best. We strive to experience these qualities in our own lives and we want them for the people we love.” ~ […]

Of Books and Bugs and Believing

When my beautiful friend Rhonda Lee posted on Facebook that she was going to participate in a collaborative book and supplied a sign-up link, my heart knew I had to do it.  Within 2 minutes, with the adrenaline rush still on the upswing in my body, and my brain yelling DANGER WILL ROBINSON! OUTSIDE SAFE […]