Enjoying Life – Don’t We All?

I’m re-writing this post for the third time.  What I want to convey is so fundamental, and what keeps coming out is so insipid.  I want to talk about life. About joy. About what I’m learning about life and how everyone experiences it differently. I love life.  Even when I’m in an unpleasant situation, life

Bug Wisdom Teleconference

I love bugs.  I have always loved bugs. Except spiders.  At one point I was so scared of them I couldn’t even sleep at night. But I have gotten better.  Much better.  That’s what happens when you talk to someone and begin to understand them. And that’s what I do.  The “someone’s” I talk to

Of Books and Bugs and Believing

When my beautiful friend Rhonda Lee posted on Facebook that she was going to participate in a collaborative book and supplied a sign-up link, my heart knew I had to do it.  Within 2 minutes, with the adrenaline rush still on the upswing in my body, and my brain yelling DANGER WILL ROBINSON! OUTSIDE SAFE