Eclipsing the Past

I’ve been feeling like a snake for the  past couple months – shedding old beliefs, thought patterns and habits in the way a snake sheds its skin.  As a young child, I experienced a situation between my parents that caused me to believe there are very few choices in life. This was reinforced by having

Spiraling Back to My Center

It was Friday of a very long week that had been crazy and frustrating.  I couldn’t think straight anymore so I went for a walk outside.  I felt blessed that our office has a path that goes around the outside of the parking lot with trees, grass and a baseball field.  A bit of green

I’m A Published Author!

365 Life  Shifts is now on sale This beautiful book contains a story a day for the entire year by many contributors, all consisting of events and encounters that changed the author’s life in some way. I contributed a story about a bug that shifted my understanding of disease. Click below for purchasing information and