Dropping The Struggle Feels SO Good!

Have you ever had one of those days where you have something you really want to get done, you’re really focused on it, and it’s just not happening?  Or you’re learning something new and you want to build something but it’s not working; you know you’re missing something, because you’re just not getting it?

Welcome to my week. 

On the one hand, I’ve been so excited because my messages from nature have jumped off the pages of my energy report and reformed themselves into meditative storytelling calls that are so much fun! They are much more powerful than writing, and so very relaxing at the same time.
But in order to have these calls, I have to set up the back-end of my website to handle payments and send emails, and all the pieces and parts have to fit together. 

I’m smart. I’m a techy person.  

I knew I could figure it out.

Until I couldn’t. 

And then I wouldn’t let go. Because I’m tenacious.  Because I know I should be able to do this.  I spent three days trying to figure it out, including multiple hours on the phone with Paypal and Aweber support.  They gave me all the pieces, but by then I had made my way down the cliff into the valley of struggle and couldn’t get out.  I was missing something; I knew that, but couldn’t figure out what it was.

My call was only a day away, and I still hadn’t figured it out, so I worked all night, accomplishing very little.  The next morning my friend and mentor came to the rescue with a makeshift approach, and the email notification for the call went out with 45 minutes to spare before it actually began.

Unless you’re sitting there, WAITING for that email, you’re not going to see it. (My sincere apologies to everyone who found themselves in that situation.)

So while the gathering was small, it was still beautiful, and the energies were magnificent. I was so grateful for those present. Nature came in and ran the show; I was merely facilitator.

Fast forward three days; it is now Saturday and my next call is Sunday…tomorrow.

I was able to find assistance in the form of a wonderful web designer who outlined multiple options and showed me the pieces I had been missing before that were pretty much in front of my face.
I sat down to start working on finishing up my website, but then realized that my energy was not in a good place; I was still in that space of struggle; my body could still feel  the resistance and the energy of ‘this is hard’. Continuing on with that feeling, that emotion, would cause everything to be harder than necessary.

I recognized that I needed to shift this; to flip my energy into ‘this is easy, this is fun.’

So I walked away from my laptop and took a shower…..

And I felt so grateful for the water streaming down over me.

I thanked the water for cleansing me. For helping me to release all the thoughts and beliefs around struggle, for feeling them wash away from my body and flow down the drain. I was grateful for the warm water at my immediate disposal. Wat a blessing, what a luxury, what bliss to have the water at the temperature I want, any time I desire it. 

As I sat with that gratitude; being grateful for the rain; for water’s life-giving properties, and for the relaxing, rejuvenating feeling I was receiving, my breath slowed down. And I noticed that.

And I shifted my attention to my breath, and the ease with which it came and went, and how it connected me with every other living, breathing organism on earth.

Out of that, a meditation was born.

If you are experiencing any kind of struggle or difficulty, I welcome you to listen in; it’s only a little over 10 minutes and you can allow Air to help you let go of whatever is stressing you out at the moment, just as she helped me.

So much gratitude!

And with that, I now return to the back-end of my website, knowing that the  setup will be easy, and the email notifications, while still a bit late, will arrive in plenty of time to allow those who wish it to attend my next call.

Wishing you days, weeks, and a life filled with gratitude!