Meditative Storytelling



We have been living in a world
Where power has been mis-used to disempower the masses.

Where money has been more important than the health of our planet.

Where the earth’s resources have been exploited.

Where beings in nature are seen as less important than humans.

Where we have been taught that, with few exceptions, bugs are out to get
us and should to be killed.

Where pesticides and herbicides are called a solution, even though they are
poisoning everything we depend on.

Where our separation from nature has caused us to be disconnected from ourselves,
often causing chronic illness or unhappiness.



That is the world that was.

And it is crumbling.

The energies are shifting.

The Divine Feminine is rising.

The Earth is ascending and evolving, and so are we.



It’s time for us to create a new world


That’s where I come in.

I know that all beings on this planet, from the tiniest microbe
to the largest mammal are all of equal value.

I know that the wisdom and energies of the nature beings can heal you
in ways both subtle and profound.

I know that insects are messengers, and that by learning to honor their purpose
and work with them we can alter the future of the planet.


I know this because I have learned how to receive messages from nature and the insects,
and those messages  have changed my perception of the world and helped me
heal and grow in ways I never thought possible.

And I’m seeing the lives of others around me heal and change as well.


Up to this point I have been offering this information in my written monthly energy report.  The increasing depth and breadth of the information I am receiving demands a new mode of expression, so I am introducing bi-monthly calls, where I share not only the messages, but also the energies of the beings from whom they were received.

So I am excited and pleased to welcome you to my Meditative Storytelling calls!

During this call you can relax and experience gentle healing as I take you with me down a path through nature. Using guided visualization, you will connect with the earth as we walk, and stop with me along the way to listen to the wisdom of the plants, insects and any other beings we meet on our journey who desire to impart their wisdom. The call will end with a guided meditation gifted to us from one of the nature beings.


I would love to have you join me!

Meditative Storytelling Call – recording
Wednesday, February 7 at 1 pm  EST
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Meditative Storytelling Call
Saturday, February 11 at 1:30 pm  EST
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