Spiraling Back to My Center

It was Friday of a very long week that had been crazy and frustrating.  I couldn’t think straight anymore so I went for a walk outside.  I felt blessed that our office has a path that goes around the outside of the parking lot with trees, grass and a baseball field.  A bit of green  in the midst of suburbia.

I put on my jacket and headed outside with thoughts and emotions churning.  The first thing I noticed was the brisk breeze that chilled my throat and cooled my thoughts.  The green of the grass calmed me, and as I walked I noticed the beautiful blue sky, heard the birds singing and the voice of the trees as branches clacked or dead leaves rustled.  By the time I had gone around most of the building I was feeling much better.  There’s a large, man-made pond, or small lake, if you will – a drainage area to prevent flooding, that abuts the property.  The incline down to it is rather steep but up at the top is a pine tree  that called to me.

She drew me in, and as I felt into her energy, I was calmed even more.  What a beautiful being.  Two pine needles per bunch, but not straight and long like a white pine; these needles are curved, some even spiraling.  And the same with the branches; crooked and curvy; beautifully idiosyncratic. 

Then I noticed the trunk of the tree with the branches spiraling up, like the spiral of life; the Fibonacci spiral that is a part of sacred geometry.  I simply spent time admiring the detail of her needles and small branches; how nothing looks like those straight, stiff pictures we tend to draw of trees.  Every bit so beautifully, uniquely curvy.  And the pine cones – some opened, some closed, but each one its own unique spiral.  It was fascinating to partake in the many facets of this Tree being.  Nomenclature and Latin names are so inadequate in their attempt to label  All Our Relations from the Nature Kingdom.  They contain nothing about the life force and purpose that is part of the essence of every being on this planet.  While she may be a member of Pinus virginianus, just as I am a member of Homo sapiens, we are both so much more than that.   I acknowledged  and honored her for her distinct energetic presence; for her calming influence in that moment.  For the beauty and uniqueness of each needle; each pine cone; each curved, draped and flowing branch and twig.  For the soft sound of the wind whistling through her needles.  Breathing deeply, taking in her fragrance relaxed me even further.

By the time I took my leave, I was once more calm and centered.  So much gratitude to this tree for her grounding and calming influence.  So much gratitude for the solidity of the earth, the cushioning grass; for the tiny cress plants offering up their beautiful, tiny white flowers; for the life-giving warmth and light of the sun; for the air that breathes life into us, and the wind that brings the rains.  So much beauty in this space that many don’t take the time to see.

Rejuvenated, I returned  to the office to finish my day.