Spiritual Ecology in Today’s World

What is Spiritual Ecology? 

Spiritual Ecology is the study of the Natural world viewed from a spiritual context; seeing the whole of Nature as part of a sacred web, possessing intelligence and an inherent knowledge of what is required to create, maintain or restore perfect balance. This is basically the way aboriginal and indigenous people have viewed our planet for eons.

Why Spiritual Ecology?
Overall, humanity has lost its connection to the Natural world, creating a sense of incompleteness resulting  in destructive behavior.  Our disconnect and inner destruction is mirrored  in the destruction and pollution of the world around us.

The Earth will survive all that we can throw at her; it is we who cannot survive if we continue on this path.  More people every day are realizing this and looking for a way to turn the tide.

What can Spiritual Ecology Do For Me?
The essence of Nature is balance.
The essence of Humanity is free will choice.

The world and humanity are evolving such that it is time for us to release fear, relinquish our misuse of power, move into our heart space, and rediscover the beautiful balance within ourselves that Nature and her Beings can teach us.

Waiting for ‘someone else to do something’ is no longer an option.  Each person’s thoughts, beliefs and actions now play an important role in the future of the planet and the human race. It is up to each one of us to change.  When you reconnect with the Kingdoms of the Earth, you reconnect to your true essence, and that is when you begin to change yourself and the world for the better, just by being who you are.

You are an intricate, irreplaceable part of this amazing web.  Reconnecting with Nature rekindles that joyous sense of wonder you felt as a young child when everything was new and magical; when your curiosity led you to explore everything, and find it incredibly absorbing and wondrously fascinating. Rediscovering yourself through the Kingdoms of Nature will help lead you back home to the beautiful, complete Being you are truly meant to be.