When Your To-Do List Chooses You

I’m one of those people who can focus one a task to the point of exclusion of everything around me. I don’t hear the phone, people, other conversations or anything.  I can work on one task for hours and hours, even overnight when I’m on a roll and want to get it done.

That’s what happened to me earlier this week.  I pulled an all-nighter Monday night finishing something that had to be done by Tuesday. I succeeded, with the result that I was totally sleep deprived when I went to my corporate job. But sometimes we receive unexpected gifts we could not otherwise access when we are in that not-awake, not-asleep state where our soul sneaks in with divine guidance.

And so it was on Tuesday. 

As I worked with a customer – on the phone, no less – who was having problems upgrading a product, I wanted to start a list of everything he needed to be aware of during the upgrade.

So I opened a word doc and wrote the title



Distracted by our further conversation, I didn’t actually get back to doing anything more with it until after the call ended.
When I went back to the word doc, here’s what I found:

That is not at all what I recall writing, but it is a call from my soul regarding my direction.

I’m posting this to-do list where I can see it and am fleshing it out as I travel down my path with nature and the insects.

Have you ever experienced anything similarly unexpected?
Did you follow your soul’s prompting?

If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences.